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At Premium Dakota Beef, we strive to provide you with the very best in Wagyu Beef. Whether you are looking for burgers, chislic, or a specific cut of steak we are confident that it will exceed your expectations. Ready to try Wagyu? Start shopping now! Want to learn more about Wagyu? Click “Learn More” below and discover the difference.


This was the best flank steak we've ever had!
Executive Chef Brad • Minerva's (Sioux Falls) Executive Chef Brad • Minerva's (Sioux Falls)
Steaks are AMAZING! Kids can cut their own.
Jeanne Denevan Jeanne Denevan
The flavor is unlike any other steak I've eaten.
Mike Johnson Mike Johnson

Great Addition to Any Menu

Steaks, burgers, and chislic are common items found on menus across the country, but if you are looking to give your customers a different experience, one that they will remember, consider Wagyu from Premium Dakota Beef. They will not only taste the difference, it will give them a reason to return to your restaurant again and again.

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Your Customers Deserve It

Whether your customers are looking to throw some burgers on the grill or they are opening a bottle of red wine and wanting to pair it with choice cut steaks, Wagyu will always stand out when compared to the local meat counter. Give your customers confidence they are getting tender meat that is full of flavor in every single bite.

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