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Pasture Born & Raised

Our cattle are born out on pasture in May and September to minimize stress for the cows and their calves. The spring and fall is when the weather is most encouraging for young, vulnerable calves. The calves stay with their mothers out on pasture until they're about 800 lbs. At that point, they're weaned and put into our finishing program, where they get a carefully mixed ration made up of feedstuffs that all come from the farm or is locally sourced. We use an all-natural parasite control method, using Redmond Garlic Salt and conditioner. The cattle are NEVER administered hormones or antibiotics to enhance growth. No dewormers are needed for our cattle either. Our Wagyu crosses grow with ease due to the comfortable living conditions we provide.

Custom Designed Finishing Ration

Once our Wagyu cross breeds are ready for finishing, they get fed a combination of corn, alfalfa, corn silage, mineral supplement that is OMRI certified, High functioning probiotic for gut health, and Redmond salt that is packed with trace minerals.

All grown on the farm itself- not imported in!

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This was the best flank steak we've ever had!
Executive Chef Brad • Minerva's (Sioux Falls) Executive Chef Brad • Minerva's (Sioux Falls)
Steaks are AMAZING! Kids can cut their own.
Jeanne Denevan Jeanne Denevan
The flavor is unlike any other steak I've eaten.
Mike Johnson Mike Johnson