Farming is in our DNA

Family Trade. Family Tradition.


Premium Dakota Beef, is a 500-acre farm that was established in 1947 when Harry and Edna Mack (grandparents) purchased land just north of Goodwin, S.D., and started a dairy operation, formerly known as “Mack Farms”. The dairy was passed down for 2 generations and as of 2005 we purchased the farm from my father.  Newly married, we had a few resources and limited help. We had to be creative to learn how to manage a farm on our own. In 2009, the dairy operation was sold and a decision to focus on the production of beef started. After switching to non-GMO corn we learned to model the farm in nature’s image. From here we saw the cattle’s health improved, along with a change in farm management and how we would do things. In 2012, Premium Dakota Beef would be the new name for Mack Farms. With the purchase of our first full-blood Japanese Wagyu bull to capitalize on the Wagyu beef market.  Premium Dakota Beef would prove high-quality, prime grade, locally raised beef in South Dakota. This alone would provide our community the first of its kind in Wagyu beef.  Raising Wagyu beef is Premium Dakota Beef’s answer to the health epidemic. Premium Dakota Beef now provides nutrient-dense protein to my family and our community.


After years of struggling with various health issues and seeing the health of the farm decline with the use of GMOs, something needed to change. Management practices are needed to improve not only our health- but also the health of the livestock, the crops, and the soil. We ventured to continue on the niche farming path, discovering Wagyu beef and its incredible marbling and health benefits! We knew this was something our community was missing and had the vision to provide nutrient-dense, delicious beef in effort to improve the health and eating experience of all those around us.


We believe in making mindful choices for the land and the livestock to produce an end product that's beneficial to everyone. We make these strides to support our families with utmost integrity and sincerity.


Cattle were brought to Japan from China in the 2nd Century AD. The cattle were integrated into Japanese agriculture to increase efficiency in the cultivation of rice. Up until 1868, these cattle genetics were isolated. The first cross-breeding began during the Meiji Restoration when some 2600 foreign cattle were imported, including Braunvieh, Shorthorn, and Devon. The integration of these breeds with the native Japanese cattle became known as "Improved Japanese Cattle". Four separate strains were characterized, based mainly on which type of foreign cattle had most influenced the hybrids. These were the four Wagyu breeds, including the Japanese Black or Kuroushi, the Japanese Brown or Akaushi, the Japanese Polled, and the Japanese Shorthorn. Our cattle are a cross of the Japanese Brown or Akaushi bulls with Angus cows. This cross allows for the best characteristics of both breeds to be expressed. The superior marbling content and tenderness of the Wagyu combined with the finishing potential of the Angus is the perfect Japanese-American fusion that's ideal for the consumer and for us.