Choosing Pellets for your Pellet Smoker!

written by

Jazmin Jordan

posted on

March 26, 2019

When it comes to choosing your pellets, the biggest factor is buying quality. After that, it's mainly just personal preference. Do you like a bold smokey flavor, or something more subtle? 

It's important to buy only the highest quality pellets such as brands like Smoke Ring and Lumberjack. Green Mountain Pellets are also pretty good quality and are carried by BBQ Pit Stop! BBQ Pit Stop primarily carries these brands because they use quality ingredients and don't put synthetic fillers to bring down the price. These synthetic fillers are not only carcinogenic and bad for your health- they're bad for your smoker so it's best to avoid those other brands. 


So once you've decided that you're going with either Smoke Ring, Green Mountain or Lumberjack pellets, there are quite a few flavors to choose from that go well with beef. All the kinds listed below are available at the BBQ Pit Stop.

For pairing with Wagyu beef: 

 very mild, burns longer- great for cooking things other than meat but also works with beef

Maple Hickory Cherry:
 milder flavor for subtlety

Hickory: mild, pairs well with beef and pork

 similar to Hickory

 bolder flavor, pairs well with beef

Char Hickory:
 Bold, provides charcoal grill flavor

pellet smoker


Green Mountain Grill

Lumberjack Pellets

Smoke Ring Pellets



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