Spring Sale

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Haylee Goulet

posted on

March 22, 2022

Spring is here and we have some great deals for you! We are starting our Spring Sale tomorrow.   If you need burgers or bundles, we have them. 

We have been busy putting together new bundles and adding new products on our website. 

We know that freezer space can be limited.  For this reason, we created the 1/16 beef bundle. This bundle will give you some great cuts of meat and burger that will fit perfectly in your freezer.   Right now, it’s on sale! Just in case you have a little bit more freezer space we are putting the ⅛ bundle on sale too.1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and Whole Beef - Premium Dakota Beef

Other bundles to look at are our hamburger bundles, Meat Mixer Bundle, and our Fun in The Sun Grilling Bundles. Also, our Steak Lovers Bundle is back! All of these are on sale this week. Bulk Bundles - Premium Dakota Beef

New to our line up meats is 100% filet beef hotdogs!  This limited time product is here for a short time. If you're wanting to try a high-end hotdog you need to try these. We have received rave reviews on them! Filet Franks - Premium Dakota Beef

Other new items added recently are liver, heart, tongue, oxtail, and marrow bones.  These items are a delicacy. They have a rich flavor and are served in many ways. Rich in vitamins and protein, be sure to give them a try. Specialty Cuts - Premium Dakota Beef

With all those great deals we wish you a great Spring ahead and we look forward to working with you. 

Thank you for supporting our family farm. 


Premium Dakota Beef Family

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Sides Of Beef

Buying  A Sides Of Beef Working for Calvin, a farmer, and working at a custom butcher shop, a common question is often asked: "What side of beef am I getting?" For me, this question gets asked because they have purchased 1/4 or smaller. The customer often wants to ensure they get the back half of the beef. They want some excellent homegrown steaks. Although, if you are a griller, you may want the front half. Why is this question still asked? Sometimes, the farmer or butcher will offer the front or the back half when ordering a 1/2 of beef. This makes the question valid. "What side of beef am I getting?" To cut to the chase, when ordering from Calvin, you get beef from the front or forequarter and the back half or hindquarter. Let's get into it. A beef carcass has two matched sides containing the forequarter and the hindquarter. A side of beef is half a carcass, split down the back. Sometimes, beef is sold as a forequarter or hindquarter cut. This means that a side of beef has been cut into two sections, separated between the 12th and 13th ribs. If you are looking for this type of cut, call Calvin. This would be a special order with our butcher. The forequarter contains the following primal sections: chuck, rib, brisket, foreshank, and plate. The hindquarters contain the following primal sections: loin, sirloin, round, flank, and the hind shank. From these primal sections, our desired cuts are made. From the primal cuts, they are further processed into more manageable parts called subprimal. Subprimals are smaller and more cost-effective to handle. Subprimal cuts can also be sold as block or tray-ready. Open the bag, cut it to your liking, and tray it. When ordering from Calvin, you get precisely what you want. You get beef cuts from the forequarter and the hindquarter. Never missing out. Buying directly from a farmer ensures the beef you're consuming was raised in a way that aligns with your values, the marbling you desire, and keeping a small family farm alive. Don't forget the family-owned butcher shop.  The total cost of a side of beef can vary greatly depending on where you live, the farmer's practices, and the butchering options you choose. With bulk beef, you pay one price for every pound, whether it's made into ground beef or ribeye's, so while your price may be comparable on ground beef, it's outstanding on steaks and other whole cuts. It's convenient! Having a freezer full of beef that is easily accessible for all your meals. You won't need to compare prices or seek out weekly sales at the grocery store. One order and you are done! My suggestion. Think about order a whole, half or quarter of beef. You will love the variety of cuts you get from both sides.