Spring Sale

written by

Haylee Goulet

posted on

March 22, 2022

Spring is here and we have some great deals for you! We are starting our Spring Sale tomorrow.   If you need burgers or bundles, we have them. 

We have been busy putting together new bundles and adding new products on our website. 

We know that freezer space can be limited.  For this reason, we created the 1/16 beef bundle. This bundle will give you some great cuts of meat and burger that will fit perfectly in your freezer.   Right now, it’s on sale! Just in case you have a little bit more freezer space we are putting the ⅛ bundle on sale too.1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and Whole Beef - Premium Dakota Beef

Other bundles to look at are our hamburger bundles, Meat Mixer Bundle, and our Fun in The Sun Grilling Bundles. Also, our Steak Lovers Bundle is back! All of these are on sale this week. Bulk Bundles - Premium Dakota Beef

New to our line up meats is 100% filet beef hotdogs!  This limited time product is here for a short time. If you're wanting to try a high-end hotdog you need to try these. We have received rave reviews on them! Filet Franks - Premium Dakota Beef

Other new items added recently are liver, heart, tongue, oxtail, and marrow bones.  These items are a delicacy. They have a rich flavor and are served in many ways. Rich in vitamins and protein, be sure to give them a try. Specialty Cuts - Premium Dakota Beef

With all those great deals we wish you a great Spring ahead and we look forward to working with you. 

Thank you for supporting our family farm. 


Premium Dakota Beef Family

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