Arm Roast

Arm Roast

2.5 lb

Crock-Pot Season

$8.00 /lb.
Avg. 2.5 lb.

A family’s pot roasts beg to be made with a dry-aged Wagyu, boneless arm roast. This economical cut offers a rich marrow coupled with buttery flavors from the immense marbling that is sure to please any family gathering.  Other names to describe this cut include arm chuck roast, arm pot roast, clod roast, or chuck primal. Our meat is dry aged for 21 days, the beef’s flavor and tenderness intensifies as it takes on more of the dry-aged qualities.

Good for:

Slow cooking


Cook with the fat cap on for added flavor and tenderness that result in fork-tender goodness.

Great cut of meat to cook in a slow-cooker, dutch oven,  or Instant-pot. 





Where does the Arm Roast come from? 

Arm roast and chuck roast come from the same part of the animal: the shoulder area. This is located above the brisket and in front of the ribs. 




  • Ships frozen, vacuum sealed, on dry ice
  • Please note, due to natural variations, the weight may vary.



Premium Dakota beef is raised on our family farm in South Dakota. We hand select our beef for processing to ensure the best quality beef for our customers from our farm to your table. Our beef is processed at a family-owned butcher shop that is USDA certified.



100% American Wagyu Beef