Ground Wagyu Beef

Ground Wagyu Beef

1 lb. Wagyu Burger

You will truly enjoy the flavor in every bite. The statement our ground burger makes is the natural marbling, with a 80/20 lean-to-fat ratio. The buttery texture and exquisite flavor makes these burgers a great addition to any gathering or the perfect choice for a simple weeknight dinner. They are sure to become a family favorite. 

Our meat is dry aged for 21 days, the beef’s flavor and tenderness intensifies as it takes on more of the dry-aged qualities.

This is the kind of burger you will find at a very high-end steakhouse or craft burger restaurant.

Good for:

Grilling and on the skillet

Ground beef is a very versatile meat. It lends itself to burgers, meatballs, casseroles, pizza, and soup.


We suggest when defrosting frozen Wagyu ground beef in the refrigerator. Prior to cooking bring meat out of the refrigerator 15 to 30 minutes. Allow it to come to room temperature. 

Sear, fry, grill, or broil. No oil is required. 


*Heat skillet to high heat 

*Place Wagyu Burger into pan or on grill 

*Sprinkle each with salt and pepper

 Do not flip until the bottom develops a brown layer. 

  • Cook to 160°F—avoid overcooking to help maintain tenderness.
  • Use minimal seasonings for full, authentic flavor.
  • Avoid over-handling to help preserve juiciness.



Where does the burger come from? 

The whole beef. From the neck to the round. 



One burger per person or two burgers per person

  • Ships frozen, vacuum sealed, on dry ice
  • Please note, due to natural variations, the weight may vary.



Premium Dakota Beef is raised on our family farm in South Dakota. We hand select our beef for processing to ensure the best quality beef for our customers from our farm to your table. Our beef is processed at a family-owned butcher shop that is USDA certified.



100% American Wagyu Ground Beef