1/4 Beef

1/4 Beef

Assortment of cuts from Wagyu beef. Contact us for availability
$6.05/lb. Avg. 250 lb.
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Prices are based on average 250 lb hanging 1/4 beef. 250 lb hanging 1/4 beef typically yields around 135 lbs of boneless meat for your freezer.

Weight listed is an average and this will vary per order. Totals will be adjusted dependent on actual weight, and processing costs will be additional. Contact us for further pricing.

40 lbs Ground Beef

10 pckgs. Seasoned Patties 

5 lbs Kabob meat

5 lbs Chislic 

5 packages Ring Bologna (No MSG)

1/4 Brisket (~4 lbs)

8 Chuck Steaks

8 Ribeyes

6 NY Strip Steaks

6 Filet Mignon Tenderloins

10 Sirloin steaks 

2 Flat Irons

2 Flank Steaks

2 Skirt Steaks

6 Round Steaks

2 Sirloin Tip Steaks

4 Short Ribs

4 Soup Bone Roasts

4 Arm Roasts

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