Round Steak

Round Steak

18 oz steak, cut 1'' thick
$12.00 /lb.
Avg. 1.2 lb.

The boneless Round is a delicious cut of beef cooked low and slow using the sous vide method as well as braising.  The Round steak is a lean cut prepared with slow moist-heat methods to tenderize the meat and maintain moisture that brings out flavor and tenderness. Imagine a round roast falling apart as you remove it from the crockpot, this is the Round steak.  Our meat is dry aged for 21 days, the beef’s flavor and tenderness intensifies as it takes on more of the dry-aged qualities.


Grade: Prime

Our steaks are graded “Prime”. Prime is the highest grade of beef available for purchase. Rich and tender, with juicy and beefy flavor. Prime-grade steak is mainly available at higher-end restaurants or reputable steakhouses rather than in stores and supermarkets. All our cuts are restaurant grade cuts. 


Good for:

Jerky, Western Steak, Western Griller

Grill, Pan sear, Braising 




  • Season several hours before cooking with salt and pepper
  • Cook on medium heat and remove from direct heat after 2-3 minutes on each side
  • Remove from heat and let rest after reaching desired temperature (145 degrees F for medium rare, 160 degrees F for medium)

Pan fry:

  • Season steak lightly with salt and pepper
  • Grease the pan with butter (lightly, as the marbling of Wagyu produces high amounts of juices)
  • Sear for 3-4 minutes per side based on desired doneness (145 degrees F for medium rare, 160 degrees F for medium).

Resting meat is important because the heat of cooking pulls the juices in the meat toward the surface. 


 Grilling Guidelines:

Grilling Time Guidelines (


Where does the Round steak come from? 


The round primal covers the backend of the cow: its rump and back legs.



  • Ships frozen, vacuum sealed, on dry ice
  • Please note, due to natural variations, the weight may vary.



Premium Dakota beef is raised on our family farm in South Dakota. We hand select our beef for processing to ensure the best quality beef for our customers from our farm to your table. Our beef is processed at a family-owned butcher shop that is USDA certified.



100% American Wagyu Beef