Butter of the gods

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Butter of the gods
A recipe considered
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Wagyu marrow bones

Smoked sea salt

Fresh chivies or garlic

Stick of Butter

Small Onion


  1. Thaw marrow bones overnight. 
  2. Once the bones are thawed. Place the Wagyu marrow bones in a container.
  3. Fill the container with water enough to cover Wagyu marrow bones. 
  4. Pour about 1/8th cup of Himalayan salt over bones. 
  5. Soak Wagyu marrow bones with your homemade smoked Himalayan salt overnight. This will stiffen the marrow and make it brighter. Also, add additional taste. 
  6. Place Wagyu marrow bones in the smoker for 1 hr. 

While the Wagyu marrow bones are cooking. 

Melt one stick of butter in glass container. 

Once the better is melted add one small chopped onion, fresh chopped chives from your garden, and season with pepper to taste. 

10 minutes before removing the Wagyu marrow bones from the smoker, pour the seasoned melted butter over the bones. 

Smoke the Wagyu marrow bones for an additional 10 minutes. 

Remove the Wagyu marrow bones from the smoker and let them rest to desired temp. 



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